About Us:

Welcome to the Complaint Management System (CMS) of Institute Works Department, IIT Roorkee. The core philosophy of CMS is “Anytime, Anywhere, and Quick Resolution of complaints” in the campus. It is live since April 2021 and this innovative system is completely paperless.

Salient features of CMS:

  • Time bound resolution of complaints
  • 24×7 LIVE
  • Mobile friendly Interface
  • Single window and simple process to report any type of complaint.
  • Unique complaint number to each complaint
  • Seamless monitoring and tracking of complaints
  • Provision for feedback and suggestion from users

The CMS automatically sends complaint to engineer of the concerned area, once it is sorted into different categories such as Civil, Electrical, Sanitation, Horticulture, etc. The complainant is provided with concerned engineer’s name and mobile number via email and SMS. Further, the CMS. automatically informs the user at each step of resolution process. Urgent complaints can be registered by calling CMS office immediately. This advanced portal is not only helpful in resolving the problems of the residents, but, at the same time, it also helps the Institute Works Department to maintain the assets of the IIT Roorkee Campus. It is an important step towards digitization which facilitates ease of living inside the campus.